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Vintage Horror Albums

Prepare yourselves for another blood curdling and bone Chilling Horrorsynth masterpiece from Goremall. These tales come deep from the nights of fear and horror as we tread alone the road to mayhem.

She should have not gone to the Drive In!!! The killer Cropsey had been known to search for naughty girls to slay...... Though she returned from the grave, her opus was not that of a lovely tone.

The new zombie herself, craving flesh and blood to now feast, found her victims at the Terror Inn motel........ She seduced the lonely men and women with her beating heart and feasted on the chocolate covered blood for desert.

She always kept the skulls of her chosen ones deep in the woods, which is the only way out of town, unless of course........... you die in the lake where she sleeps. Beware the Town of Goremall Village, for all you will receive is......



released July 12, 2020

All music written, produced, and mastered by Jon Ball (Goremall)
Album artwork "Guts N' Roses" by Jon Ball (Goremall)

A very special thanks to all of my friends and family, Reason Studios, Pink Noise Studios, Vector Hold, Christopher Todd, Ace Buchannon, The 80's Guy, Luigidonatello, Preston from FiXT, Dustin Bennett, Elay Arson, Byron Reeves, Scott Wilson, Jon Of The Shred, Steve at Recall FM, Ten at New Retro Wave, All of my Fortnite crew, the G, Tony Mora, Aldo Jefferson, Rudy Baez, PhillyPuddyDesigns, Bob Sync, Tim Alexander, and most importantly.......

Extra big thanks to everyone who supports my work, buys my music, and shares my music. You all are the reason the world gets to experience this art.



Enter the sick and twisted world of Goremall once again for his spine tingling, bone chilling 7th studio album!!! 9 tales of horror, macabre, and terror to set you in this season and will surely leave you speechless, horrified and thirsting for more!! Each tale from is taken from the book of the red witch of salem. She will scream in delight at the look of horror in your face!! But be wary traveler, those who gaze into her eyes too long may never return from hearing........ Tales From The Dead!!!!!


released October 28, 2019

Jon Ball (Goremall) - all production and mastering.
Emily Inman (Phantom Lady - Lyrics, and vocals for "Midnight".

Album art by: Jon Ball

"Ravenholm" originally released on Scythe Saga Collective "Half-Life Synthwave" March 06, 2018.

Tracks 1-2, and 4-9, copyright 2019 Cobweb Recordings. Midnight copyright, 2019 Emily Inman and Cobweb Recordings.


Enter the Diner....... if you dare! Prepare for carnage, mayhem, terror, and good clean zombie fun in this hour of brutal and exciting Horror Synth. But be warned, those who enter the Diner may require a certain....... taste...... in music. For the next hour, feast your ears on delicacies of terror, let the screams of tomorrows breakfast captivate you. Chef Goremall has prepared a meal of macabre for you in his............ GRAVEYARD DINER!!!!!!!


released May 7, 2018

All music written, produced, arranged, and mastered by Jon Ball (Goremall)
Cover artwork by Heather Hermann "The Duchess of Deco"

Guitar on "Dead Grinder - The Movie" by Jon Ball

Special thanks to (in no particular order):
The 80’s Guy, New Retro Wave, Luigidonatello, Vector Hold, the G, Synthwave Producers Facebook group, Spraycasso, Heather Hermann, Wollenzien, the Pukes, all my friends and family, and most importantly..........Thank you to all Goremall listeners!!!!!

Classic Monsters Albums

Acte un - Nuit
1- Fly With A monster
2 - hunt For Blood

Acte Deux - Rose
3- The Red Motel
4- Run For The Hills


Acte Trois - Du Sang
6- Red Stained Lips
7- She Feeds by the Ocean

Acte Quatre - Solitaire
8- Born Eternally
9- Left Her To Die

"I was cursed at birth, to be alone, and to live forever hungry."
- Amie Annon


released May 4, 2017

Produced and copyright 2017 by Jon Ball
Cover model: Raquel Orellana
Guitar on "Hunt for Blood" and "The Red Motel" by Jon Ball
Voclas on "Run For The Hills" and "The Red Motel" by Holly Drummond
Vocals on "Left her to Die" and Born Eternally" by Veela
All voice samples used by permission from Black Octopus Sounds.


Mummy or Lead tells the story of Princess Arsinoe IV, sister of Cleodonna III ruler of Egypt from 5000 B.C. - 4087 B.C. Long ago, Arsinoe being the older sister was set to rule as queen of Egypt following the death of the previous heir, Cynthion Lopmhet VII. Jealous of Arsinoe, Cleodonna tricked her sister on a dark night to meet at the Temple of The Sphinx. Knowing Arsinoe's death would crown her queen, Cleodonna fought her sister and was victorious. Arsinoe vowed revenge in her last breath.

Cleodonna took Arinoe's corpse on the ghost train of Cairo far west where no man or woman in Egypt would find her and buried the would be queen deep in the Caribbean jungles in an oblong tomb to mock her sister. With no other to rule Egypt, Queen Cleodonna reigned a brutal kingdom until her death in 4087 B.C.

Millenniums later in the year 1885 A.D. a gifted gunsmith and archaeologist named Clive Beastwood found Arsinoe's tomb. unknowingly upon opening the tomb, he released the princess. Taking pity on her, he taught her to use modern weapons and crafted a gold revolver with infinite bullets to slay the undead army of Cleodonna.

Queen Cleodonna, though being death for many years, lived on through her undead army. The ancient Egyption heirs to the thrown were buried in a coffin with their blood drained into the Earth. The vegetation and any living thing made from the queen's blood would hold her soul and be entranced by the queen for life.

Princess Arsinoe's revenge had to be thorough to eliminate all living things containing the blood of her sister. When the bloodline has been severed, Queen Cleodonna returned in her natural form. Unable to challenge the weapons of Arsinoe Queen Cleodonna's head was taken from her body, and the mummy of Arsinoe lived to rule Egypt for centuries. 


released October 23, 2018

Written, Produced, and Masterd by Jon Ball.
Artwork by Jon Ball.
Goremall Logo by the Duchess of Deco

Special thanks to the 80's Guy, Pete Rice, RezrX, Jon Of The Shred, Ace Buchannon, Byron Reeves, The Pukes, Wollenzien, Iron Skullet, New Retro Wave, Heather Hermann, Zayaz and neon Nights, luigidonatello.

This Album was made on a Mac in Reason with plugins by U-he, Skrock Music, Pink Noise Studios, Blamsoft, and Native Instruments.


Mummy or Lead 2 tells the story of Queen Cleodonna, Ancient ruler of Egypt and sister to Arsinoe IV. Cleodonna was mummified after what was considered to be the most brutal reign in the history of Egypt. During her burial, as requested, the queen's blood was drained into the Earth.

The queen lived through the world as her blood controlled the animals and vegetation although she was unable to rule the land unless in human form. The Queen's soul was placed in a small box that no human could open in the event she needed to return.

Cleodonna's empire was riddled with controversy. Her sister, Arsinoe was set to rule as the elder of the sister, but was slain by Cleodonna prior to taking the throne. Cleodonna buried her sister far away in the Jungles of the east and hid her box where no one would suspect to look; in the tomb of Arsinoe.

Thousands of years after Cleodonna's reign, Arsinoe was released from her sleep by a local gunsmith. Upon hearing this, Cleodonna returned to stop her sister from once and for all. Cleodonna needed an army to help her fight her sister. To do this she released her diseased soul from her box and made all of that died from it her undead army.

Arsinoe was trained by the gunsmith that opened her tomb. As a return for the favor, Arsinoe made the gunsmith a God on the Altar of Lead. This is also where Arsinoe made her weapons. Cleodonna was furious that a man would be made a God by her sister. In anger, Cleodonna seduced the gunsmith and killed him.

The battle between the sisters raged for many years until the Earth was almost unrecognizable. Eventually Cleodonna was slain for eternity by her sister, and the world returned to a peaceful and prosperous land with Arsinoe as the ruler. 


released March 15, 2020

Produced By - Jon Ball (Goremall)
Album art by - Jon Ball
Goremall Logo by - Heather Herman
All music was produced in Reason 10

Darksynth Albums
Darksynth Series

Since the beginning, the 7 sisters have controlled the Earth and its people. Their origins have always been unknown and their intentions always a mystery, but their actions have had grave consequences on all civilizations from the Babylonians to modern day.

The Astrologist - 1st sister in command: The most beautiful and oldest sister of the seven. The Astrologist has raised all other sisters from birth. She carefully plans their missions and purposes to align from the stars and planets above. the Astrologist is careful not to let the true knowledge of science and sorcery known to anyone.

The Architect - 2nd sister in command: She is the great planner of all other sisters and their missions. She carefully organizes their locations and meticulously plots the purpose of each task. Always hidden and away, the Architect is as sly as a fox.

The Childminder - 3rd sister in command: The people of Earth are fragile beings that need to be taught young to obey and what to believe. The childminder is there to teach them what may be lies or may be truth. The purposes of the sisters is all that matters to her.

The Librarian - 4th sister in command: The Librarian is perhaps the most savvy and intelligent of all sisters. She is in control of information, history, and communication. The Librarian is sure not to allow history to be as correct as necessary, or let knowledge be as fruitful as humanity is capable of understanding.

The Seductress - 5th sister in command: The most cunning and influential of all sisters. occasionally some may obtain too much knowledge or power on Earth and threaten the control of the sisters. The seductress is there to control the hearts of those mentioned and change their intentions. Her eyes and voice are impossible not to believe and trust for both men and women. Most can not resist her.

The Assassin - 6th sister in command: She is the most loved and cared for by all of the sisters due to the nature of her work. The Assassin must eliminate all of those who threaten the sisters and those who have managed to avoid the captivation of the Seductress. The Assassin is as deadly as she is beautiful.

The Weaponist - 7th sister in command: All work ends up being finalized by the weaponist. When the season of war arises and humanity has been too calm, the weaponist creates war machines and tools for them to ultimately decides their own fates through senseless violence.

No one will ever know who or what the sisters are or their purpose, what will be known is fear for any who come across them. 


released October 12, 2020

All music written, produced, and mastered by Jon Ball (Goremall)
Cover artowrk "the 7 Sisters" by Jon Ball (Goremall)

the 7 Sisters Of Chaos was written featuring "Absynth Light Years" patches designed Goremall for Absynth 5 software.

Special thanks to all of the supporters of Goremall new and old. Special Thanks to family and friends.

This album is a tribute to Death - Symbolic and Metallica - Master of Puppets.


One of the gloomiest synthwave records I've heard -- but not of the demonic occult ilk. No, this is the kind of darkness that I haven't heard since The Prodigy's Jilted Gereration LP or the early Rammstein: it's unsettling and seductive at the same time. You find yourself sinking deeper and deeper into this musical epic of impending doom perpetrated by the most vicious creature of all: human. Apocalypse is marvelous & at times even subtly beautiful as the world goes down to the tune of a piano.

released January 19, 2017

Produced, written, and recorded by Jon Ball (Goremall)
All music copyright 2017 Cobweb Recordings.
Mastered by Gustav Brown
Produced in Reason 9. Presets by Exode, Todd Prichard, and Jon Ball
Album Artwork by: Jon Ball
Vocals on "Blood Moon" by Holly Drummond are used with permission from Black Octopus


"Goremall returns once again to creep and stalk the dark corridors of your house late at night. a short, but deadly darksynth EP dripping with energetic tracks and loaded with spooky samples as per usual. Favorite track: He'll Find You In The Dark."

-Pale Horse 666


released March 26, 2017

produced by Jon Ball (Goremall)

Copyright 2016 Jon Ball under Cobweb Recordings

Catalog Number: COBREC012


This album is intended for new listeners of Goremall. Carefully selected and remastered, these songs are the best way for listeners to experience the best of this artist's prolific library.


released October 30, 2020

All Music by Jon Ball (Goremall)


This is a collection of remixes from my previous albums. All remixes have been formulated to focus on dance vibes. Aggressive, Dark, sexy, and fun! I've never been one to remix my own work so this was a very interesting project. Thanks for your support everyone!!!!


released October 27, 2017

Jon Ball - All remixes and production
Artwork from Vampirella #3 (Vampirella In Chains) released by Harris Comics. All Rights Reserved

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