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Synthwave Albums

Bio-Puppet's "Lazersky" is without a doubt one of the artists best recordings to date. Bio-Puppet tries to capture the quintessential elements of Synthwave; to produce retro sounds with modern sounds and production techniques. Lazersky has many different sub-genre sounds to please every kind of Synthwave listener while keeping an overall steady vibe throughout each track.


released September 15, 2016

Catalog Number: COBREC008
Produced by: Jon Ball
Guitar on "Girl on the Beach" by: Jon Ball
Vocals on "Don't Come for Me" and Forever Roads" by Veela used from Sirens.
Vocals on "Follow the Wind" and Girl on the Beach" by Veela and Cory Friesenhan from Siren and Banshee.
Mastered at Sage Audio.

Special thanks to Skrock music for the amazing synthesizers. Thanks to The 80's Guy for support and amazing contribution to the scene. Thanks to all of my family and friends for support during album production. Thanks to Toby at Black Octopus Sounds. Thanks to Propellerhead software. Thanks to Steve at Sage Audio.

The Bio-Puppet Album

The Bio-Puppet album is an 80's toy themed recording, but really goes further into what it's like to be a kid. The innocence that we have is something that should be treasured. When we get older, we tend to forget what it's like to be carefree, but with music we can always take a breather. The Bio-Puppet Album will surely take you on a journey to all of the ridiculous, clever, and fun times of the 80's.

"Bio-Puppet" can be thought of as a sequel to "Arcadeland", the previous full album release from Bio-Puppet. Arcadeland was a tribute to the video games of the 80's and the Bio-Puppet Album is a tribute to the media of those times in general. Enjoy and thank you for listening!!!!!


released March 23, 2019

Jon Ball (Bio-Puppet): all production on tracks 1-5, and 7-10
Jon Ball and Lee Nada (Abstra): Production on track 6.
Mastered By: Jon Ball
Cover art by: Byron Reeves


What is it about Synthwave we all love? For some, it's the nostalgia of a simpler time, for others it may be simply the analog sounds of Juno and Prophet synthesizers. For Arcadeland, its the memories of my childhood. I was born in 1980 in West Virginia and lived most of my childhood in Tennessee. The happiest moments of my life were growing up playing NES and Genesis, riding bikes, and playing with my friends in the neighborhood.

Video games are so much a part of what I represent as an artist and person, I wanted to make an album devoted to this part of my life. For me, Synthwave music reminds me of growing up listening to old Thomas Dolby Records, Playing Streets of Rage, and more than anything, being carefree.

Arcadeland, a testament to the part of the 80's I relate to the most, is meant to be happy. I want to put a happy, carefree music release into a modern world filled with uncertainty, resentment, and chaos. While the world may never be perfect, we can always take a break and remember what life is meant to be; Happy. I hope Arcade land takes you into a journey of peace, love, fun, and happiness.

-Jon Ball


released September 24, 2017

Jon Ball - All Production, Guitar.
Mastered by: Jon Ball
Artwork by: Jon Ball

Produced in Reason 9.5 with VST support from Native Instruments
Samples taken from "Metroid", "Streets of Rage", "TMNT Tournament Fighters", "Mortal Kombat 2 Arcade", "Two Crude Dudes", and "Veela - Sirens".

Special thanks to- Vector Hold, The G, Ironclad Bishop, The 80's Guy, New Retro Wave, Neon Nights, Ochen K, Propellerhead software, Puketown Boys, my family, Jake Gunn, Maciek Fincer, Spraycasso

Sexy Sega / Lonely Sega

Thank for listening.

All music written and produced by Jon Ball.
All samples paid for and used by Black Octopus Sounds.

Special thanks to all of the amazing synthwave artists emerging for the inspiration and thanks to The 80's guy for sharing.

Produced by Jon Ball (Bio-Puppet)
Copyright 2016 Cobweb Recordings under Jon Ball.
All Rights Reserved
Catalog Number: COBREC006

Original Release Date: 07/08/2016
Remastered Date: 08/14/2016

The Pursuit EP

"The Pursuit" tells the story of a police officer in Crystal Hills, Noir City who is looking for a serial killer. Each track tells of a scene where he is relentlessly hunting the criminal and finally captures him. Done in outrun style, these tracks should keep the listener entertained as well as provide training to be a good citizen and crimestopper.

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